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01:02pm 25/01/2010
mood: curious
How about that FFXIV?

Eh? Eh???
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L13 leveling 
11:04pm 28/04/2006
mood: busy
Tonight I plan on leveling NIN, which is 13. I more than welcome the company, but if you're coming please be ready no later than 9pm EST.

I'm off of work at 7:30, so I'll see y'all when I get home.
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NIN gear 
03:33pm 26/04/2006
mood: accomplished
Alright, I'm gonna be gearing my NIN up to level to 16 tonight.

This is what I need...Collapse )

I'd prefer to avoid dropping the nearly 500k necessary to do this, and I'll probably avoid the +1s because most of them are a 10x price jump. Marksmanship will likely be avoided entirely.

With that in mind, if anyone can get in touch with me regarding what I can have to use starting tonight, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm being impatient and I don't intend to sit around and wait for this gear to show up, and I'm not playing the 'borrow this but send it back at the end of the night' game. Assume that anything lent from this list will be kept until my NIN dings 37.

That said, I'm going to be pushing NIN, RNG, and WHM like mad the next couple weeks, so unless my presence is going to make or break your success in an endeavour, count me out.
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